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Guest Blog: e-Dressage

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E-Dressage – Compete Internationally Without Leaving Your Yard

Horses are expensive – we all know that and are under no illusions that we can keep one on a shoe string. And that’s just the cost of care, not to mention the extra pennies and pounds needed for competing.

As a child, my first horse was kept on a large competition yard. Every weekend I watched most of the yard load their horses into their very large and very swanky horseboxes and go off to compete. Sometimes they would be gone for several days. They would come back with stories and often a string of rosettes.

Don’t get me wrong, I understood how very lucky I was to even have a horse in the first place, but I was so envious of those that could afford to go out and compete as well. I worked hard with my horse every evening, trying to improve in every session, but I never got the chance to show off all my hard work.

This is why I created E-Dressage Ltd. I understand that there are many horse owners in my shoes. Unable to afford the costs of owning a horsebox, diesel, MOT, insurance, entry fees, show gear, affiliation costs, let alone the amount of time it takes up travelling.

E-Dressage Ltd enables you to compete from the comfort of your very own yard. Don’t worry about getting up at 5am to plait your pony and get to your show in time, just grab a video camera and rider your dressage test at a time that suits YOU.

Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps…..

Pick a class and enter it – go to our website, decide what classes you would like to enter and just follow the steps through checkout. (TIP: make sure to take a look at our rules page first)

Video your test and send it to us – grab a friend and get them to video your dressage test. Make sure that they video from the judges position at C and that you and your horse are clear in the frame. The upload it to YouTube and send us the link to

Keep a look out for the postman – we will publish the results on our website on the scoreboard. We will then post out your completed score sheets and any rosettes and prizes (That’s the fun bit!)

We run British Dressage tests and only use British Dressage Listed Judges, so you can rest assured that you are getting industry standard feedback that you can use to help you to continue to improve and work up the levels.

We run Team Competitions, Rider Leagues, Championships  and each month we give away top-notch prizes including E-Dressage t-shirts, saddle cloths, rugs, sparkly browbands, caps ….not to mention our beautiful rosettes and prize money.

E-Dressage has quickly become the world’s fastest growing dressage competition website attracting dressage riders from all over the world, including South Africa, Australia and Spain.

So save yourself some time, save the pennies in your pocket and save yourself the competition stress. Just do everything from home at a time that suits you.

Find us on Facebook (e-Dressage Facebook) to keep up to date with the latest competitions ☺


E-Dressage Ltd has teamed up with Grand Prix rider and BD List 1 judge, Debby Lush, to bring you, 7 Simple Steps to Improving Your Dressage Scores. Click the link to get your FREE copy!

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